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We provide a set of consulting, marketing, legal, logistics and customs services to companies and manufacturers.

Our systematic work allows our customers and partners to realize their export potential and sell their products in China, using trade channels and partnership competencies.


1. Research of the potential sales market for the manufacturer’s products in the PRC, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan:

- primary market research on the needs of this type of product;

- search for the corresponding query in the customer database

2. Advisory assistance in the selection of assortment, preparation and shipment of micro-batch products, for conducting tastings and presentations to customers.


1. Organization of tastings and distribution of tasting parties to potential buyers / retail chains / distributors.

2. Collection and analysis of data obtained during the tastings.

3. Preparation of recommendations to the manufacturer for the adaptation of taste and the formulation of products for consumer requirements, taking into account the cultural, taste characteristics of the market, the characteristics of the legislation.

4. Changing the name, logo, packaging and product form to meet market needs.

5. Determination of the optimal export range.

6. Inspection of finished batches of products before shipment.


1. Translation by native speakers:

- promotional materials;

- product / company information.

2. Preparation of presentations / promo about products / companies taking into account national and cultural peculiarities, current popular trends within the region.

3. Development and placement of a digital product page:

4. Development and placement of a page for retail / wholesale distribution of products in the WeChat messenger;

5. Opening of the page of retail / wholesale distribution of products in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan digital platforms)


Roadmap output products to the market. 

Legalization (registration / receipt of stickers) and product certification, contract.

Import and sale of the first commercial products.

1. Registration of products and obtaining the necessary for its legal sale of certificates and stickers in the state bodies of China.

2. Registration and protection of intellectual property: trademarks, company name, logo in the territory of the PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau.

4. Providing a protected umbrella brand for small and micro exports.

5. Representation of interests, departure for negotiations with potential buyers, legal support and the conclusion of contracts.

6. Selection of exhibitions, preparation for participation, participation in specialized exhibitions.

7. Pre-contract work, legal support and conclusion of contracts when working with customers / commercial networks / distributors.

8. Pre-trial settlement of disputes, mediation, legal representation.oducts.


System shipments product distribution. 

Marketing and promotion, participation in exhibitions and promotional products. 

Work with sales channels.

1. Development and implementation of marketing strategy, product positioning and its promotion.

2. Selection and rental of necessary storage facilities, bonded warehouses. 

3. Product placement in the permanent show room 

4. Implementation of digital and offline distribution to retail and wholesale customers in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan.

Logistics and customs clearance.

1. Choosing the best route, transport and logistics scheme for the delivery of products to the warehouse of the buyer / distributor. 

2. Ensuring the reservation and filing of containers, wagons. Upload / download, surveyor services. 

3. Customs clearance of goods upon import / export. 

4. Calculation of duties, taxes, insurance of international transport.

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